Kings County Carting Corp is proud to provide our people with a company that values each individual's contribution.

Sustainability: From recycling to renewable energy, our sustainable practices keep the planet green while ensuring a safe and prosperous society for all.

We're dedicated to being an industry leader in environmental stewardship with cutting-edge facilities that maximize resources like water or wind power - it's what makes us different from other companies!


Communication is the most powerful tool in creating a safe, healthy workplace. It not only allows for understanding roles and directions but also warns of any dangers that may be present so they can quickly implement emergency response plans to handle these hazards if necessary

A key component in determining how well your company’s workers are protected from harm on-the job comes down mainly upon two things: their ability to communicate effectively with each other as well as those outside channels, such as customers or clients whose feedback could help identify issues before it becomes too late!

Commitment and Technology

We believe that a positive safety culture is the key to unlocking employee engagement and productivity. Fostering this kind of environment not only decreases turnover rates but also accidents, injuries – even though it takes time for changes in management styles or policies may need implementing fully as well!

Foster an Ownership Mentality by empowering your staff with ownership over their own well-being. You are allowing them to take more responsibility both personally AND professionally. It will ultimately lead towards greater job satisfaction & perhaps most importantly lower risk factors associated within work environments.

We have a comprehensive safety-training program that covers all your needs. Whether it’s Hi-Vis uniforms and PPE, on board camera systems with GPS telemetries for real time updates or even just general awareness workshops to help you stay safe while working out in the community – we’re here 24/7!